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Training & Development


Training and development are high priorities here at Kinetic. We work collaboratively to ensure all employees have the training they need to be successful in their positions. This includes a robust onboarding process combined with essential and developmental training in areas such as safety, software, technical knowledge, and leadership. As an organization, Kinetic is driven by Lean methodologies and thus, we are always looking for innovative ways to improve and grow.

Kinetic team members are encouraged to participate in career development planning. Whether they have a position within the company which they are aspiring to achieve or an area of expertise they want to specialize in, we support them with access to high quality training, annual training plans, mentorship, and more!



Career Development

Internal career development includes skill and experience assessments, Supervisor evaluation, training and experience recommendations, and mentorship 12-month training plans.

Mentor Program

This program matches Mentors and Mentees who share similar interests and career paths. It provides general information on effective mentorship, personality, and leadership assessments, first meeting assignment for each pair, minimum expectations for meeting frequency, suggested topics, and follow up.

NCSO Support Program

The NCSO program is designed to support employees currently in safety roles to achieve their National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) designation, broaden their professional skills, and foster connections with other safety professionals within the company. Participants develop and commit to 12-month training plans to achieve their designations; participate in and chair monthly safety meetings; and are matched with mentors and encouraged to connect with others in the program.

Apprentice Program

All apprentices are paired with a field mentor. Kinetic reimburses the cost of tuition and books for each level of schooling successfully completed and provides compensation adjustments in line the Kinetic Employee Association (KEA) Collective Agreement.